Airport Shuttles

Using an airport shuttle means that you can save yourself the hassle of having to deal with traffic and find a parking at the airport. It’s also useful for you when landing at strange times when it would not be convenient for a family member or friend to give you a lift. As there are so many airport shuttle companies to choose from we are trying to make it easier for you by partnering with hundreds of airport shuttle companies in South Africa, so you only have to come to the one place. This means that you save time in trying to track them all down, as well as save money as our partners are incentivised to send you the best offer so that they get your business. So instead of you looking for them, they come looking for you.

Types of Airport Shuttles

This really comes down to 2 things. One, the number of people that will be transported, and two, the level of luxury you want. As to the number of passengers, this can vary from an individual transfer to transporting up to 16 people at a time. Of course, the more passengers, the larger the vehicle, which means airport shuttles can vary from small hatchback’s too large combis and even small buses. In terms of the level of luxury, this really comes down to what you are willing to pay. If you just want a quick lift into town from the airport, then any car will do – granted it is clean and safe. However, if you want to make a statement or are used to a certain level or luxury, you can opt to travel via a luxury vehicle such as a top of the range BMW or Merc.

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